Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gone in an instant

It has happened to us all. During one time or another, in our lives as parents or caregivers, we have all had the terrible misfortune of losing our child or loved one, if only for a minute. We become distracted, unfocused for the briefest of moments and we take our eye off the ball. Whether it was at an amusement park, crowded stadium, vacation resort, recreational park, airport, or even just going to the local mall or grocery store. For that split second we are detached and then we realize they are gone and our entire world falls apart. Horrible scenarios start racing through our minds; they could be abducted or wander out into the street. Endless tragic situations cross our minds. No matter how incredible a parent or caregiver we are, this has happened to us at one time or another. The fear of losing our child, combined with the feeling with each second that passes with uncertainty of their whereabouts – sits in the pit of our stomachs.

Now let’s paint a vivid picture of a situation and how Gps Connect products can put your mind a bit more at ease. Imagine you are at a crowded county fair or amusement park and your child accidentally wanders off as you are in line paying for the funnel cake you had just purchased. You turn your back for that one split second and realize that your child is nowhere in sight. The fear, horror, shock and panic, create a myriad of emotions all at once. At that time you realize: –it’s going to be OK since your child has a personal GPS device on them and will be able to be found in most cases, within minutes. You have attached a device that allows you to call it, or pull a map up on a smart phone, even contact a monitoring station to give you the exact whereabouts of where your child is within meters. Think about it. Your mind at ease. Think about the fact that your child is lost but not permanently as you have the power to locate them. Think about being able to set up a perimeter, known as a geofence, around your property so that when a child, loved one or even your pet decides to leave that area, you will immediately be alerted.

This is the peace of mind that Gps Connect offers since we supply the best personal GPS tracking devices available for wandering prevention and finding our loved ones in situations similar to the one mentioned above. Feel free to contact Gps Connect if you need help selecting the best solution for your situation. At Gps Connect we are looking forward to helping you in keeping those who are important to you safe!

This article was prepared in collaboration with LifePROTEKT: provides support to those who provide care.

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