Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gps Connect welcomes customers from around the world

As a part of the 2011 New Year resolution plan Gps Connect welcomes customers from around the world! We've been working on this feature for quite a while over the course of the year 2010 and finally we are there and are very happy to invite everyone from the Planet Earth who is interested in GPS location tracking services to GpsConnect.ca

Why are we doing that?

First of all, because we can. Gps Connect's location service works globally meaning that a tracking device can send a location report or an alert to a Gps Connect's servers from anywhere in the world as long as the device is connected to the Internet. We've been testing our location services with a selected number of customers outside of Canada and North America for many months and can confirm that Gps Connect works globally just as expected.

Secondly, very soon after GpsConnect.ca went public in 2008 its audience has become international and we started receiving requests from potential customers outside of Canada. Such an interest is very encouraging for us so we decided that Gps Connect must provide location tracking service to international customers too.

Finally, that decision supports our mission. Gps Connect is committed to providing reliable GPS location services to everyone who needs them regardless of their location. Historically, Gps Connect was founded as a Canadian company and when we started we've only been servicing Canada-based customers even though technically they could have used our services anywhere in the world. It took us some time to realize that we had to change that to become a truly global location tracking service provider and we only wish that we did that earlier.

What changes we made

In order to support international customer we have implemented a number of changes.


Every Gps Connect customer has to have an account on GpsConnect.ca web site. It's required to ensure information security and privacy protection. The new sign up form allows entering a user's address (used for billing and shipping purpose) from virtually any country in the world.


The payment method used to be a major credit card. Since there were problems with direct handling internationally issued credit cards plus currency conversion we've switched to using PayPal as a payment method. It's widely used and accepted in more than 160 countries plus provides additional safety measures for Gps Connect's customers. PayPal is used for both device shopping and service subscription.

Tracking devices

One important change is that we make sure that the devices we supply are quad-band and will work anywhere in the world. Unfortunately there are not too many such devices available on the market but we hope there will be more.

Tracking portal

Tracking portal is perhaps the most important part of our offering since that is the tool all the customers always use. We have localized the tracking portal user interface and will be releasing new languages as soon as they are available. Also we added support for both metric and imperial measurement units that is available on the User Settings page.

Data plans

Now we offer two separate data plans for Canadian and US customers and will continue to work on adding more data plan options for customer from other countries.

What's next

We realize that this is just a beginning and working on more support for Gps Connect internationalization. In particular the following features are on our priority list:
  • translating the user interface and content to other languages
  • providing with a language switch and detect a browser's language automatically
  • support more map providers including some local providers
  • add support for devices that are popular outside of North America
  • add more data plan options for customers outside of Canada and US
Those features are important however we acknowledge that in order to be successful globally we need to establish partnership with local businesses and that is perhaps the most important decision that we've made. So Gps Connect is open for partnership requests from around the globe. Please contact us with your questions, suggestions, requests or concerns.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Firefox 4 is supported

Gps Connect announces immediate support of the Firefox 4 Internet browser.

Gps Connect's web-based location tracking application works in all modern major browsers including Internet Explorer 7 & 8, Firefox 2.x, 3.x and now 4.x, Chrome and Opera 9.x+. We strive to provide our customers with the best user experience and constantly working on new features, better compatibility and usability.

If you have any questions, suggestions or concern please contact Gps Connect online here: https://www.gpsconnect.ca/contactus.aspx

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Gps Connect announces availability of S911 Bracelet Locator

S911 Bracelet Locator was a long wait and finally we are happy to announce its immediate availability on GpsConnect.ca. Currently we offer a special reduced price for a limited period of time.

For those who are not familiar, S911 Bracelet Locator is a revolutionary compact wrist-worn GPS tracking device with an emergency cell phone capabilities. It features a high-sensitivity GPS receiver that accurately calculates its geographic location using a constellation of Global Positioning System satellites and sends its location to a Gps Connect's data center using cellular GSM network where it becomes available for users via a web-based location tracking portal.

Bracelet locator is a "must-have" personal security device for people with special needs like Autism, Dementia or Alzheimer's patients. Using the Bracelet helps with unwanted wandering prevention and SAR (search and rescue) success in case a person got lost. We invite you to watch a short video introduction to the S911 Bracelet Locator features:

In addition to standard features described above the Bracelet also equipped with an accelerometer sensor that is able to detect a fall or an impact and also can be equipped with a secure locking wrist band that prevents removing or accidentally losing the Bracelet from a wearer's wrist. One very important feature is an IP67 water-proof protection that comes standard with all Bracelet versions.

Paired with a Gps Connect's web-based location tracking service the Bracelet turns into a very sophisticated and powerful yet affordable personal security solution for those in need. Do not hesitate to contact Gps Connect if you are interested in this solution or may have any questions.

Useful personal security tips

A security specialist shares some useful personal security tips in case of a potential home invasion and mentions a S-911 Personal Locator as a useful security instrument. Watch the video:

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gone in an instant

It has happened to us all. During one time or another, in our lives as parents or caregivers, we have all had the terrible misfortune of losing our child or loved one, if only for a minute. We become distracted, unfocused for the briefest of moments and we take our eye off the ball. Whether it was at an amusement park, crowded stadium, vacation resort, recreational park, airport, or even just going to the local mall or grocery store. For that split second we are detached and then we realize they are gone and our entire world falls apart. Horrible scenarios start racing through our minds; they could be abducted or wander out into the street. Endless tragic situations cross our minds. No matter how incredible a parent or caregiver we are, this has happened to us at one time or another. The fear of losing our child, combined with the feeling with each second that passes with uncertainty of their whereabouts – sits in the pit of our stomachs.

Now let’s paint a vivid picture of a situation and how Gps Connect products can put your mind a bit more at ease. Imagine you are at a crowded county fair or amusement park and your child accidentally wanders off as you are in line paying for the funnel cake you had just purchased. You turn your back for that one split second and realize that your child is nowhere in sight. The fear, horror, shock and panic, create a myriad of emotions all at once. At that time you realize: –it’s going to be OK since your child has a personal GPS device on them and will be able to be found in most cases, within minutes. You have attached a device that allows you to call it, or pull a map up on a smart phone, even contact a monitoring station to give you the exact whereabouts of where your child is within meters. Think about it. Your mind at ease. Think about the fact that your child is lost but not permanently as you have the power to locate them. Think about being able to set up a perimeter, known as a geofence, around your property so that when a child, loved one or even your pet decides to leave that area, you will immediately be alerted.

This is the peace of mind that Gps Connect offers since we supply the best personal GPS tracking devices available for wandering prevention and finding our loved ones in situations similar to the one mentioned above. Feel free to contact Gps Connect if you need help selecting the best solution for your situation. At Gps Connect we are looking forward to helping you in keeping those who are important to you safe!

This article was prepared in collaboration with LifePROTEKT: provides support to those who provide care.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How Gps Connect can help Alzheimer's community

Almost each week we hear terrible news about missing people many of which are elderly Alzheimer's patients prone to wandering. Lucky are those who have been found and safely returned home. However it's not always the case for many of 500,000 Canadians living with defferent types of dementia. It must be a worst nightmare for their caregivers to imagine their loved ones wandering off in the night, lost and confused.

Accross the country, police is busy investigating cases of missing elderly people reported by their caregivers in the hopes that they will be found safe. Though police forces, 911, local community groups and other search parties work tirelessly it's not just enough to hope for the best. There is something that those responsible for Alzheiner's patients can do to prevent the worst from happening.

Today's tehcnology offers a solution for greatly increasing safety of those with cognitive disabilities and Gps Connect's mission is to provide everyone in need with easy to use, realiable and affordable services that can help protect vulnerable members of our society.

The solution Gps Connect offers is really easy to use and affordable: let those who might be at risk of wandering wear a location tracking bracelet with communication abilities that in case of emergency will allow quick locating and rescue of a person in distress. Such devices are not very new on the market but they have been undeservedly overlooked for some time and only recently have started gaining favor with the families of dementia patients. "... I wish he (she) had been wearing that tracking device..." many people said based on their experience.

There are a number of myths surrounding tracking devices and related technoloies. The most common is a misunderstanding that wearing a tracking bracelet will restrict patients' freedom and violate their privacy. Such an opinion is not true and usually based on lack of knowledge about how those devices work. What everyone interested should know is that only authorized people that are presumably relatives or caregivers may receive access to the device location, so the privacy is protected. Secondly, the device may be configured to report its location only in case of an emergency, when, for instance, a wearer wandered too far off their house, or felt down, or pressed a SOS button, thus the freedom is not restricted either.

Gps Connect is committed to advocating location tracking technology and offers its help to everyone interested in adopting location tracking safety solutions. We encourage everyone to contact us with questions and demo requests, or invite us to speak at the community meetings. We are open to collaborate with societies, associations, social and community groups that would like to introduce location tracking safety solutions to their members. Please do not wait until it's already late; prevention is the best strategy when safety is a concern. Contact Gps Connect today or visit our web site for more information.