Thursday, September 3, 2009

Your Kids' Safety is in Your Hands

Kids are going to school. They will now stay longer away from home and away from you, having fun with their friends at school.

GPS Connect recognizes that children are among the most vulnerable members of our society and improving of children safety is a primary goal. So this fall we start a new program for kids and their parents/guardians: "You Kids' Safety is in Your Hands".

The goal of the program is to let parents/guardians keep an eye on their kids in the most unobtrusive fashion possible. Two main features for the parents/guardians are:

  • know the exact location of their kids at any moment, and
  • be able to provide the kids with help whenever they need it.

Two main features for the kids are:
  • know that their parents/guardians are aware of their location that should provide with worry-free adaption to a new environment, and
  • be able to communicate to the parents/guardians on demand whenever they need help in the simplest way by just pressing one button.
Regular cell phones are not exactly designed for fulfilling the role of kids' safety device. They are great for having fun like texting, listening to music, playing games but that's mostly all. Making a call may be not that easy for a kid too: you need to remember a number or be able to use a phone keyboard and manipulate with the phone menu. Even though a child made a call to a parent/guardian it is often difficult to answer on a simple question: "where are you?"

So taking all that into consideration GPS Connect suggests a different approach. We offer parents/guardians to equip their kids with a small device that is simple to use and can easily fit into a pocket or a school bag. We call such a device "a locator".

It lets you know the exact location of your child and talk to your child whenever you or your child needs that. At any moment by using an Internet connection at home or at work or from your mobile device you can see right on the map where your child is now.

We would like to encourage adults to start investing into their kids' safety as soon as possible and for starters invite everybody to visit and start acting right away!