Friday, July 31, 2009

GPS Connect launches Web Location Tracking application for Mobile Devices

GPS Connect's advanced Web Location Tracking application is a key part of GPS Connect location tracking service and provides customers with an industry leading set of real-time and historical location tracking functions.

In order to use GPS Connect Web Location Tracking one needs a computer connected to the Internet and running one of the modern Internet browsers (Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 3+, Opera 9+, Safari 3+, or Chrome).

But what if you are on the road and have no access to a computer or the Internet? Does that mean that you would not be able to monitor locations of your tracking devices carried by ones you worry about or installed on your vehicles or mobile objects? It could have been a case before but not anymore since GPS Connect released a new Web Location Tracking for Mobile devices.

Mobile Location Tracking

Web location tracking for Mobile devices (or Mobile Location Tracking) is a web application intended to be accessed from a mobile device capable of Internet browsing via cellular network or by other means of communication (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.). GPS Connect Mobile Location Tracking works on smart phones (Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia, etc.) and regular cell phones with web browsing capabilities (Mobile location tracking requires that device's Internet browser supports XHTML or HTML). Since Mobile location tracking is a web application it does not require to install anything on your mobile device and provide the same user experience on any mobile device.

Mobile web tracking is not a substitution for the Web location tracking but rather a complimentary addition that greatly improves usability of GPS Connect location tracking service allowing customers monitor their tracking devices' whereabouts regardless of where the customers are and how they are connected to the Internet.

Mobile Location Tracking is specially optimized for mobile experience as such providing simplified user interface and limited set of functions (comparing to the full-featured Web Location Tracking). The main goal of the Mobile Web Tracking is to provide users with information about last known locations of their tracking devices.

Main features

  • Secured: requires logging in using the same credentials as for the Web Location Tracking

  • Optimized for mobile experience: provides essential location information in a text + graphics form; does not require advanced browser capabilities support (i.e. styling, JavaScript, etc.). User interface automatically adjusts to a mobile device screen size and not overloaded with graphics or fancy styling

  • Easy and intuitive user interface

  • Cross-device compatible: provides the same user experience on all the supported mobile devices; supports the majority of available smart phones and cell phones

  • Supports mapping: displays static size-optimized Google Maps with zooming

Hot to access

Visit from your mobile device's Internet browser and use your GPS Connect Web Locations Tracking credentials to log in.

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