Wednesday, April 29, 2009

GPS tracking for kids safety

Kids safety is a growing public concern. Lost kids, kidnapping, abductions are almost everyday on headlines in the news. And yet only a small number of parents/guardians consider using GPS tracking to prevent bad news from happening.

Technology designed specifically to ensure personal safety of those who need taking care of, widely available and extremely affordable is being accepted with quite a slow pace for no obvious reasons. It could be just a matter of time though. Anyways we would like to learn from all of our readers what they think about GPS tracking. If you, our dear visitor, don't mind to share your opinion please pick up a poll on the right and answer. We'll really appreciate your thoughts.

Now back to how GPS tracking can help personal safety let's consider what an average parent/guardian's kids safety concerns would be. Basically the major concern is if a child is where she is supposed to be. Of course there could be other concerns like if a child is OK, what she is doing, etc., but the first important concern is location. Simply saying if a parent knows that her child is located where she is expected to than everything else is not necessarily an immediate concern.

So how can GPS tracking help parents resolve that concern? The answer is simple: by providing an unobtrusive way to always know where their child is located at any given moment. Does it sound attractive? If so the next question we'd expect is: "OK, if it's really that simple what do I need to get started with GPS tracking?".

It is really that simple. One would only need a tracking device and an account with GPS Connect to get started. For your convenience GPS Connect supply tracking devices and provide all the necessary services from all-in-one location: In fact it would only take a few days to get started including setting up an account, getting and activating a device. In order to encourage parents to invest in their kids' safety GPS Connect has recently started a program Your Kids' Safety is in your Hands and you are invited!

Now some may ask "What about child's privacy?". What about it? Parents and guardians by nature of their relationships with kids are entitled to know where their kids are, aren't they? Would you as a parent ever doubt your right to ask your child a simple "Where are you?" question? Did not think so. Now once and for good: parents controlled GPS tracking does not violate children's privacy. GPS tracking simply helps parents to get the answer to their ever-being-asked "Where are you" question faster and more reliable. Still not sure? Post your question here or contact GPS Connect.

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