Monday, November 10, 2008

Basic Real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring page allows you to see the list of all your GPS tracking devices and their current locations on the map of your choice and related information in real time. You can also request current location for any of your GPS locators and turn on continuous monitoring. Below is the detailed guidance for working with Real-time monitoring page.

Page layout overview

Let's get familiar with the basic layout of the Real-time monitoring page. You can see major areas on the page screen shot:

  1. Main menu allows you to navigate between Web tracking application's pages. You are on the Real-time Map page now.

  2. Continuous monitoring control area. You can turn on continuous monitoring by checking the Refresh check box and selecting a required monitoring interval from the drop-down list.

  3. The list of your tracking devices allows you to see the current status and control the trackers visibility on the map. We'll talk more about working with the locator's list a bit later.

  4. The map area where you can see all your selected tracking devices. Switch map zoom and view and pan to the most convenient place to achieve the best visibility of your devices.

  5. Your GPS locators are shown on the map as object icons. You can configure a different icon for every tracking device of yours on the Locators page.

  6. When you hover a Locator icon with a mouse cursor a pop-up message appears on the screen showing the latest information available about the Locator: speed of movement and the time stamp of when information was received.

  7. You can select what map to use from the drop-down list of the available maps in the main menu area. Simply click on the map name you would like to use and the page will be refreshed and show you the map you've selected.

  8. When you have finished your session click on Exit to leave the Web tracking application and go back to your GPS Connect account where you can log out.

Controlling locators

Use a Locator list on the left side of the map (#2, #3 from the section above) to control the view of the locators on the map and turn on/off continuous monitoring (auto refresh). The picture below explains what different elements of the Locator list are for.

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