Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New S-911 Personal Locator Released

GPS Connect announces that long awaited S-911 Personal Locator V3 has been released and is available for purchasing from

New S-911 has been significantly improved in the following three areas:

  • connectivity: the new V3 is now quad band and can work seamlessly in North America as well as in Europe;

  • SOS notification: based on customers' feedback the digital pre-recorded voice alert feature has been removed and now a SOS button sends an audio-visual alert to the Location Tracking server and a back-up e-mail to a pre-assigned e-mail address. Also a combination of SOS + Shift buttons will initiate a two way voice communication to the pre-programmed SOS number;

  • power management and battery life: a new power save mode feature has been introduced that can disable the GPS receiver when device has not moved for a specified duration of time. If the locator moves again it will sense the movement with help of a new built-in motion sensor and reconnect.

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