Tuesday, June 17, 2008

S-911 Personal Locator in action

We never really think about potential danger when we consider using some "prevention" technologies, products or services. And to be honest they better not to be used at all. Unfortunately things happen. Things like kidnapping and missing people.

Luckily we've got GPS location tracking as one of the "prevention" methods. And here goes one of the most popular personal tracking devices that GPS Connect offers: S-911 Personal locator.

Just watch this video on Youtube. Can't tell though whether it was for real or a drill. Once again it's better been a drill.

GSP Connect on Live.com

GPS Connect has appeared on Live.com. We would like to move closer to our fellow trackers and stay connected. So we created our Live.com profile and invite you to visit us there, become friends and tell us what you think. We would also like to here back from you: write in our guest book, post your comments in our blog or send us a message. See you there...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

GPS Connect on Facebook

Now GPS Connect has its very own page on Facebook. If you are a Facebook user we invite you to visit us there, become our fan and share our page with your friends. We would also like to here back from you: post your photos, write something on our wall or start a discussion. See you there...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Learn your teenager driving habits

If you are a parent of a teen driver you have for sure asked yourself many times at least one of these questions:

Where is my daughter or son now? How fast is she or he driving? Where has she or he been and for how long?

Of course all those questions are not just because you are curious but because you worry and care and becaues you do know how dangerous roads can be for non-experienced drivers.

Well, GPSConnect.ca can give you a bit more piece of mind by allowing you to track your teen ones or your cars. Simply give your folks one of our personal locators or install a vehicle locator on your car and be prepared whenever one of those questions pops up in your mind.

Connect. Locate. Stay within reach with GPSConnect.ca