Saturday, May 17, 2008

GPS Connect Tour. Part 2: Get Your Own Locator

Now we assume that you are comfortable with product catalog and you have decided how you want to get connected, that is what GPS location tracking device you want to get for yourself or for your folks.
Let's start from adding a selected GPS locator to a shopping cart. First click on any "add to cart" button on either category page or product page. You will be redirected to the "Add to Cart" page.

On this page you'll need to select a term price (1), then choose a service plan (2), next add all the features you want (3) and accessories that you like (4). For your convenience we've added descriptions for every option listed on the page. Just hover a cursor over a decorated option name and read in a pop-up window (5). Once again we want you to make an informed decision. And eventually click on "add to cart" button in the right bottom corner again (6) and you will be redirected to a Shopping Cart page.

Here you can change quantity of the products you've selected: click on a text box with a quantity number inside (1) and enter a new number using your keyboard and press a "Tab" or "Enter" button on the keyboard. You can remove a product from the Shopping cart by clicking on a "remove" button (2). You can continue shopping (3) or go to Checkout (4). Also you can examine what's included in a monthly payment for your tracking device (5).

Now if you've got everything you needed in your shopping cart it's time to check out. Before you can check out you need to log in. If you are not logged in yet you will be redirected to a Login page.

Enter you login name (1), password (2) and click on "log in" button (3). If you have forgotten your password use "reset password" link (5). If you don't have an account yet please register first by clicking on "register" link (4).

Registration is a straight forward three-step process. After you clicked on "register" first you enter some personal information: first (1) and last (2) names are required, everything else is optional; then click "next" button (4).

At the second step you look up your address. We want to avoid dealing with wrong addresses especially when we ship you a GPS locator that is why we have implemented a semi-automated look-up process.

You start from entering your postal code (1) and clicking "look up" button (2). All other address fields will be prepopulated for you if the postal code is correct and you'll only need to enter your street number (3) and unit number if exists (4) and click on the "next" button (5). The address you entered will be used as your shipping and billing address. For the time being we only support customers residing in Canada and we do not support different shipping and billing addresses so please enter your correct address. You can always change your address later on if needed.

And the third step of the registration involves choosing your login name and requires your e-mail address which will be your main way to communicate with

Enter your desired login name (1), your e-mail address (the real one, please) (2), check that you accept Terms and click on "create account" button (4).

Now check your mailbox where we have send your system generated temporary password and go and try to log in.

Now you are finally logged in. If this is your first time and you've just created an account you need to go to the shopping cart page (remember the blueish top right utility corner?) and click on "check out" button.

On checkout page please verify the list of the product (1) and your shipping/billing address (2); then select a shipping method from the drop-down list on the right (3) and check out the total cost of purchase (4); next select a credit card type from the drop-down list in a blueish area (5) and enter your credit card number (6), card expiration date (7) and a card validation number from the back of your card (8). Now place the order by clicking on "place order" button (9).

We'll try to charge your credit card and if a transaction is successful you will be redirected to an order details page that also works as the order receipt.

On the order details page (note, that information on the picture has been purposely distorted) you can see the order status (1), shipping address (2), payment transaction information (3) and the products list (4). You can print this page by clicking on a "print" button (5) in the right top corner. When the order is shipped you will be sent a confirmation e-mail with a shipping tracking number and a shipping information section will appear on the order details page.

So congratulation with your first purchase of a GPS tracking device! Learn more in other GPSConnect Tour posts and don't forget to leave your comments.

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