Sunday, May 18, 2008

A GPSConnect Tour. Part 1: Get Started

A main design goal of GPS location tracking service has been simplicity: we believe everyone should be able to use the site with almost no additional help other than what you see on each page.

Taking that course, we’d like to introduce a "GPS Connect Tour" page that we hope will guide you through key features of GPS Connect as well as show you the shortest way to become a GPS Connect fellow tracker.

Please take a look and let us know how we can make GPS Connect better. Like the service itself, we’ll be improving the tour along the way.

Meanwhile, let's get going. Here's the main page, the first one you see when you first come to

There are four main areas on the page: top right utility corner (1), greenish main navigation menu in the middle (2), main content area (3) and a grayish footer at the bottom (4). We suggest you memorize that layout because it will be the same on every single page.

The utility area in the top right corner contains a Log in/Log out link, a link to a Shopping cart that shows how many items you have in your cart and additional links that might be of particular interest in your current context.

The main navigation menu depends on whether you are logged in. For new visitors it shows some links that we invite you to examine to better understand what is, how it works, what products and services we offer and why should interest you.

The last topic is a subject of the why GPS Connect page.

We encourage you to learn how can help you improve your personal and family safety, increase your business efficiency, empower your professional security arsenal or stay connected while on the road. Simply click on one of the red "learn more" buttons in the main content area and it will redirect you to a corresponding article.

Now when you know your reasons for using it's time to learn how to get connected. We have prepared a separate page for you that explains in plain language how to get started with in three easy steps.

Let's start from choosing your GPS tracking device: we call them GPS locators and they come in various flavors. You can start from the GPS locators introductory page or jump right to a product catalog page. Let's take a look at the catalog category page.

On the left side of the main content there is a list of product catalog categories (1). Click on any of the categories to be redirected to a corresponding category page and explore products in that category.

In the middle of the page you see a list of products that belong to a selected category. There is some information about those products: a picture, regular price and a short description (2). If you want to learn more about a particular product click on a "see details" link (4) on the right and you'll be taken to the product page. When you know exactly which product you want click on a "add to cart" link (3) on the right to purchase a product.

Now let's visit a product page. This is one the most informative pages of the product catalog. The main design goal of a product page has been the best shopping experience: we believe that you should be able to learn almost everything about a product from this page to be able to make an informed decision whether you want to purchase it. Let's see what you can learn on this page.

On the left side there is a product picture (1). You can click on it to see an enlarged product picture. To the right of the picture there is information about product prices and available service plans (2). Check out if there are lower term prices available for the product. On the right side of the page there is a list of some available satellite products (3) from our catalog that is accessories. Below there are tabs with extended product information (4). Feel free to learn about the product as much as you need. And at the very bottom there is a list of similar products (5) that you might prefer let's say because of the color or additional options. You may also want to check out other products in the same category (6).

What you can do on the product page is:

  • add a product to the shopping cart by clicking on a bright "add to cart" button (7) in the top right corner;
  • send a link to this page to your friend by clicking on "send to friend" link (8) below the product image;
  • share this page on social bookmarking or community sites by hovering a "share" button (9) below the product image;
  • add to cart related products by clicking on corresponding "add to cart" link (10).
Navigation tips. From the product page you can go to any of the related products' pages and you may also wnat to use a navigational breadcrumb trail right below the main navigation menu (11).

Here is all for starter. Check out more GPSConnect Tour posts.

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