Thursday, July 17, 2008

GPS Connect for Alzheimer’s patients

While the Alzheimer’s disease is associated with many kinds of troubles there is one particular concern regarding tendency of individuals with Alzheimer’s to easily wander off and become lost.

According to the statistics "wandering is present in 60% of the persons stricken by Alzheimer's disease.This is a significant problem requiring careful monitoring. 26% of institutionalized individuals and suffering from Alzheimer's disease would run away weekly. Alzheimer's patients have only a 48% chance of survival if not found within 24 hours."

While the entire medical industry constantly works on finding new therapies, drugs, and possible cures there is a real help available to deal with the wandering problem now: GPS location tracking.

Besides tracking cars, trucks and assets for business it is also possible to track people. With GPSConnect's S-911 Personal locator keeping tabs on someone in need in a non-invasive and helpful manner has become really easy.

Equip your Alzheimer’s patient with the Personal locator and some of the additional accessories and you’ll be able to follow the trail that your loved one took while wandering about and also find their current location and notify the authorities to help you in your search if needed.

And with GPSConnect's service plans starting from just $19.95 monthly it is certainly a small amount to keep those whom you care about safe.

Here is what one Alzheimer’s caregiver said: "The S-911 Personal Locator has done wonders for an Alzheimer’s patient and is definitely a highly recommended product!"

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